Concurrent Enrollment at Cerro Coso

 Cerro Coso Community College offers concurrent enrollment to Mammoth High School students. Concurrent enrollment allows students to gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while in a supportive high school environment. Students do earn college credit at the same time as they earn high school credit. Students will receive a transcript from both the high school and college with the course they take on their transcripts. The courses are mainly offered in an online format through Cerro Coso, although some courses can be taken in-seat at Cerro Coso. 
Concurrent Enrollment Eligibility

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75. We recommend concurrent enrollment to students with strong academic records who show strong motivation and self-discipline.


Benefits of Dual and Concurrent Enrollment
Expand curriculum options for high school students
Gain exposure to college expectations and culture

Save time earning a college credential.
Earn both college and high school credit
Increase the likelihood of transition to college after high school
Enrollment fees are waived for high school students.


What is the Difference Between Dual and Concurrent Enrollment?


Dual Enrollment- The student is both a high school and college
a student taking college courses on the high
school campus during their high school day.
The high school instructor teaching the
college course meets the required minimum
qualifications for teaching at the college level.
While the dual enrollment course is taught at
the high school, it is a college course and is
taught in the same rigor and with the same
expectations as a college course.

Concurrent Enrollment- The student is both a high school and
college student taking college courses
at the local Cerro Coso campus or Cerro
Coso online, in addition to their high
school classes. Cerro Coso instructors
teach the college courses.

First Time Concurrent Enrollment Student Course Recommendations

All first-time concurrent enrollment students are required to take COLL C052 Becoming a Successful Online Student.

Courses for First Time Concurrent Enrollment Students

  • Art C101  Introduction to Art

  • MUSC C101 Music Appreciation

  • MUSC C118 History of American Pop Music

  • MUSC C173 Appreciation of Jazz

  • CSCI C101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems

  • Other Courses upon approval


Following the successful completion of your first class, we recommend the following courses.

  • HIST C103 or C104  Western Civilization

  • HIST C132 US History

  • ENGL C70 Introductory Composition

  • ENGL C101 Freshman Composition

  • ENGL C102 Critical Thinking through Literature

  • MATH C121Elementary Probability/Statistics

  • MATH C151 Analytic Geometry and Calculus

  • MATH C141 College Algebra

  • MATH C131 Basic Functions and Calculus for Business

  • ECON C101 Introduction to Economics

  • POLS C101 American Government

  • PSYC C101 General Psychology

  • Some Science Class depending on what is offered

Cerro Coso's course schedule is available by clicking this link:
Students need to meet with a high school counselor to find appropriate college courses that meet their academic goals. Registration for Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment takes place in November (for Spring) and March (for Fall/Summer).
Please use these links to set up an appointment. If you are coming to school, please make your appointment in person on the days you come to school. If you are a distance learner, please make your appointment in Zoom.
New concurrent enrollment students complete admissions form online with counselors.
Returning students need to update their form online at Videos on how to are below.

How to Register for Cerro Coso as a First-Time Concurrent Enrollment Student- Click the link below for a video on registering for the first time. (please watch the video all the way through)


How to Update Your Form- Click the link below for a video on how to update your form for returning concurrent enrollment students.


Once you have registered or updated your form, please fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Forms (to your right).

Correctly fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Forms with approved courses (Mrs. Dudley and Mrs. Jayne will sign off on the Concurrent Enrollment forms when we receive the completed forms)

How to fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Form:

Once enrolled, students need to:

  • Make sure their concurrent class or classes are correct and showing on their schedule. 
  • Buy or rent books, allowing enough time for them to arrive before the first week of class (shipping can take a week or more to arrive). Don't forget to check out Amazon for cheaper options. 
  • Attend the first day of class, or they will be dropped.
  • Log in to online classes no later than 8 p.m. PDT on the first day of class.