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Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency Preparedness Plan

 Mammoth High School



General Directions

All staff will follow the Site Emergency Preparedness Plan for all fire/earthquake or other emergency situations.  All public employees are declared by law to be disaster service workers (Government Code 3100).  They are subject to such disaster services as may be assigned to them by their supervisors or by law upon declaration of an appropriate state of emergency. The extent to which school district employees function as disaster service workers depends in large measure upon the decisions of the school site supervisory personnel.  All staff must be prepared to stay on site for up to 72 hours or until released by the principal or designee.


Fire Procedure - Intermittent short buzzer sounds: Evacuate building per instructions included in this packet.  Wait for the all clear bell.

 Earthquake/Disaster  (Physical damage to plant) – An actual shaking of an earthquake: Drop and take protective position, then evacuate the buildings.  Wait for the all clear bell or verbal all-clear.

 Imminent Danger / Lock Down: Lock Down announcement over PA system:  Everyone remains inside buildings, locks doors and closes blinds where possible.  If outdoors, immediately seek refuge in nearest building or seek cover until directed by staff or police.

All Clear – One long bell and/or verbal communication by administrative staff.


Emergency/Disaster When School is Not in Session:

1. Students remain at home.

2. Tune to an Emergency Broadcast System station (KOLO-TV8-Reno;

    Channel 33-Mammoth Lakes; KBIS [email protected], KSRW [email protected], KMMT [email protected]

3. Pending communication capabilities, the site phone tree will be activated.


Emergency / Disaster When School Is In Session

1. Take appropriate action (take cover, drop, stand by, evacuate) as directed.

2.  Maintain control over students and assure their safety at all times.

3.  Await emergency signal or instructions from the principal or Site Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

4.  If evacuate signal (fire alarm or verbal) is given, take roll book and any first aid materials on hand to designated assembly area.  Prep period teachers and classified staff assist directing students to assembly area.

5.  Follow designated routes to the assembly areas unless blocked or impassable.  Even though alternate routes may have to be devised to overcome obstacles, destinations should remain constant.


7.  Once classes have reached the designated areas, teachers are to take roll immediately.

8.  Fill out the Evacuation Report Form and send it with a designated “runner” to the Student and Staff Accounting Team.

9.  If you have an additional assignment, do not leave until you have met the above requirements.   The EOC will attempt to assign someone to cover your group as soon as possible.  In the event that this is not possible, ask a teacher nearby to cover your class until we get coverage.

10.  Administer first aid until First Aid Area is operational.

11.  Keep students together in the assembly area; wait for further instructions or the “All Clear” signal.

12.  Following a major disaster a meeting will be held immediately at the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) 


1.  Principal

5.  Building Services Supervisor


2.  Admin Secretary

6.  Police Liaison Officer


3.  Attendance Clerk

7.  All staff on prep. period


4.  Counselor


Following the meeting, you will be released to your assigned area of responsibility.

Designated Evacuation Areas for Mammoth High School


Point of Origin:



 Main Building, Bungalows K and L, Bungalows located in annex building

Black top area adjacent to MMS and closest to MHS


Alternate area 1: MMS-MPR




Fire Drill Procedures: Directions for leaving buildings and the routes taken in case of a fire alert or drill should be posted in each classroom.

1.         Fire drill signal - Continuous series of short buzzers  (for two minutes duration). Leave room immediately by the exit and route indicated.

2.         All clear signal - A long bell will be used to end a fire drill or verbal announcement. Return to class after receiving the signal.



 1.         Proceed quickly and quietly to designated area.  NO RUNNING OR TALKING.


2.         Teachers should lead the class. Assign a dependable student to make certain room is         clear and door is closed.

3.         Teachers must take roll sheets/books when evacuating building.

4.         Leave other books and belongings in the room - EXCEPT PURSES - they should be           carried during the drill.

5.         If an exit is blocked, the teacher should select the next best route and proceed to a safe area.

6.         When reaching your designated station, stay together and wait for the all clear signal.

7.         Classes must stand away from all buildings.

8.         When the all clear signal is given, return by the same route in a QUIET and orderly     manner.


1.  During break/lunch, all students in the MPR, hallways, and library report to your 1st period class.  Students
    in classrooms should remain with that teacher until arrival at the evacuation area and then proceed to their 1st
    period teacher’s location.

2.   Between periods, students will continue to proceed to their next class. They should line up outside the room and leave with their teachers to their designated drill  stations.

3.   Teachers should insure that the fire drill evacuation route for their room is properly     posted and that all students are instructed in fire drill procedure.






1.         Normally there is no signal. The event itself sets the procedure in motion.  If there is an opportunity to sound a signal, a fire bell will be rung.

2.         The command “Drop and Cover” is given. Students and staff should drop to their knees; clasp their hands behind their neck; cover their face and arms; make their body as small as possible; close eyes and cover ears and forearms. If possible, stay away from windows, heavy light fixtures suspended from the ceiling, etc. to avoid glass or falling objects.

3.         After the earthquake is over, students are to evacuate to the black top area according to the routes indicated on the disaster evacuation map. Stay as far away from the building and light poles as possible. Students are to be assembled and seated in the areas designated on the map of the disaster evacuation area. Teachers are to maintain control of their groups at all times.

4.         Site Emergency Responsibility Teams perform their designated tasks.




1.         The safest place is in the open.

2.         Move away from buildings, trees, light poles and exposed wires.

3.         Follow the directions of teachers or other adults.

4.         Proceed to black top area.



1.         If possible, the driver will pull to the side of the road away from buildings and give the            command “Drop”.

2.         If the road condition and/or location are not safe for a stopped vehicle, the driver should continue until it is safe to stop.




1.         The safest place is in the open.

2.         Move away from buildings, trees, light poles and exposed wires. Do not run.

3.         After the earthquake, if on way to school or home, continue to closest point.





1.           Announcements and directions will be given by office staff.

 2.         Obviously, it is impossible to identify all of the potential incidents which might involve a threat to people on the school grounds. Listed below are examples of imminent danger:


                        * Sniper activity in or around the school

                        * Police activities which take place near the school grounds

                        * A threat to an individual or group on the campus

                        * Civil riot or similar activity




            A.        When the verbal announcement is made, everyone is to get inside the closest                        building immediately.

            B.        Teachers are to assure that all students are inside, and then lock the room                 doors.

            C.        Once inside and locked down, teachers should immediately attempt to cover all                    windows if possible by closing blinds or using anything that might block the view into or out of the room.




            D.        In case of gunfire or other such danger, it may be necessary for the teachers to                      ask students to lie down on the floor.


E.        Remain locked down until you are notified verbally by police or staff that all is clear.



  1. There is no signal. Staff will be notified by P.A. system, megaphones, telephones,

E-mail and/or written message.


2.         It is not possible to plan ahead for every emergency. Decisions may have to be made on the spot, depending upon the nature of the emergency.


3.         The two most important elements in emergencies are COMMUNICATION AND CONTROL.  Staff members must maintain control over assigned students until     instructions are received.


4.         Staff members without assigned students and staff members who have, by direction, relinquished control of their students should report to the principal or the EOC and await further instructions.

Global events

1)     When an event is global, that is, it affects all MUSD sites, the following steps will be taken-

  1. The EOC at each site, after ensuring the safety of their own  staff and students, will contact district office personnel (either via cell phone or radio, or a runner, whichever is reasonable)
  2. If assistance is needed at another site, the district office will be the agency to redirect staff to other sites for aid. 
  3. Also, if the event happens during the winter and the buildings need to be evacuated-
    1. If one of the sites MPR’s is deemed able to be occupied, students may be moved there from other sites.
    2. If none of the site buildings is safe for entry, the district office may make arrangements for students and staff to be transported to another location (possibly, Cerro Coso College, Sierra Center Mall, or?)

2)     Above all, communication between all sites and district office must be calm, clear, concise, and only when necessary (to conserve battery power and keep the radio traffic to a minimum)


An emergency is an unforeseen happening requiring prompt action.

            * Fires

            * Earthquakes

* Volcano Eruption

            * School Campus Emergencies

            * Bomb Threats

            * Hazardous Spills

            * Dangerous Winds

            * Floods, Prolonged Rains, Dam Failures

            * Civil Disturbances

            * Utility Failure

            * Airplane Crashes

            * Power Plant Accidents

            * Enemy or Nuclear Attacks

            * Operating School as a Community Center

Mammoth High School








1.  Emergency Operations Center Team: (meet on black top area behind MMS)

Principal – Gabe Solorio                              

Admin.  Secretary- Trina Sobota     

School Resource Officer-  Officer Lehr   

Historian- Lea Ann Eller                            

Attendance Secretary-Vickie Larsen                    


NOTE: All Teachers on prep period and any other unassigned personnel report to the EOC.



2.  First Aid Team:   


            Supervisor / Triage -   McBride      



Urgent Care

Immediate Care

Walking Wounded


C. Powell

T. Qualls

P. Borowski


S. Luke

C. Leonard

C. Hart



3. Sweep / Rescue / Fire / Search Teams: (meet at disaster storage closet at MMS)



Team 1

Team 2

Team 3


Rooms 1-10, restrooms in same halls


 Main Office, Library, Kitchen, MPR, rooms 11-19, restrooms

Bungalows K & L, Gym, Drama, Shop, annex building

Restrooms annex and gym

Locker rooms, weight room


E. Ellis

V. Larsen

J. Peckenpaugh/Tourville


S. Tidwell

A. Cohen

S. Luke

4.  Student and Staff Accounting Team: (meet at jungle gym apparatus)



            Attendance Clerk-V. Larsen                         

            Staff-   E. LeFrancois                                   

5.  Parental Communication Team:  (meet at back exit of MPR nearest parking lot)


Team Leader-  T. Sobota               

Teacher/Staff-  M. Cuellar

                           C. Spencer            


6.  Utilities / Sanitation Team: (meet in front of EOC after shutting down utilities)


            Building Services Supervisor- Phil Desoto           



            Note: Any other custodial staff on campus should also report.


7.  Historian (meet at EOC after you have taken attendance of your own class and turned into EOC)


            Staff- LeaAnn Eller                          



8.  Security Team: (meet at EOC after assisting with evacuation and securing site)


            School Resource Officer-Officer Lehr       

            Assigned to blacktop to supervise students till parents pick up.


9. Crisis Response Team






            Primary:    Blacktop area between MHS and MMS and nearest to MHS          

            Alternate 1:  MMS MPR      

            Alternate 2:  Main Office      



  • Principal
  • Principal’s Secretary
  • School Resource Officer



  • Account for the presence of all staff and students.
  • Implement and coordinate emergency operations.
  • Control internal and external communications.
  • Prepare reports for district administration.
  • Assign duties to all unassigned staff and other on site district employees.


Equipment / Supplies stored in our Crisis Response Box

  • Alphabetical student list
  • Master schedule and room chart
  • Emergency Supplies:
    • Battery powered radio
    • Flashlights and battery powered lamp
    • Paper, pencils, etc.
    • Site map and copy of site plan
    • Radios and chargers
    • Master Keys


Mammoth High School




            Primary:          Black top area between MHS and MMS

            Alternate 1:    MMS-MPR



  • Supervisor – Staff member with EMT and /or CPR and First Aid Training
  • Team Members - Staff with First Aid and CPR certification



  • Under the direction of the triage supervisor, determine and assess medical need of victims.
  • Administer first aid under three categories  (Urgent Care,  Immediate Care and Walking Wounded)
  • Record information on the extent of injuries and level of aid given.
  • Maintain communication with the EOC, Student and Staff Accounting, Parent Communication Team and Search and Rescue teams.
  • Establish initial morgue area and coordinate movement within a reasonable time.


Equipment / Supplies: 

  • First aid supplies, blankets, stretchers, medical records, wheelchair, water, site plan and map, clerical supplies and walkie-talkies.


Mammoth High School 

Sweep / Rescue / Fire / Search Teams



            Primary: Disaster Storage ClosetjQuery18304372914843261242_1434758545501?       



  • Three teams consisting of two staff members.



  • Report to primary area and collect necessary equipment.
  • Proceed in an orderly pre-established sweep pattern moving South to North, checking each classroom, storage room and all other areas located within the site perimeter.
  • Once a room is checked mark the outside of the door with a large visible “X”.   Remember to check each area visually, vocally and physically.
  • Report the location of all injured students and staff to the First Aid team and EOC.  Move students to the First Aid area when appropriate.
  • Administer first aid in life-threatening cases.
  • Provide written or verbal information to the First Aid team regarding condition of injured individuals.
  • Once sweep of entire site is complete and before returning to classes or EOC make sure that the names of all students and staff found have been reported to the First Aid team regardless of condition.




  • building keys as needed
  • gloves


  • fire extinguishers
  • reporting materials


  • hard hats
  • marker/chalk


  • flashlights
  • walkie talkies


  • tools





            Primary- Black top area between MHS and MMS           

            Alternate 1:    MMS-MPR



  • Attendance Clerk
  • Staff
  • Student runners (as needed)



  • Collect all attendance information on staff and students.
  • Collect reports from First Aid Team and Search and Rescue.
  • Make sure all staff and students are accounted for and report to EOC
  • Coordinate student / staff accounting efforts on site.
  • Send for and clear the release of all students through the Parent Communication Team.
  • Send student runners or staff for individual students upon request of the EOC or Parent Communication Team.


Equipment / Supplies:


  • Master Schedule
  • Bullhorn


  • Alpha roster and locators
  • Walkie-talkies


  • Room assignment sheet
  • Site plan and map




            Primary – Area just southwest of MMS MPR        

            Alternate 1-Black top area between MHS and MMS       





            Bilingual Staff Member



  • Meet parent / guardians at access point and notify the assembly areas to prepare to send students to the reunion area.
  • Send card listing student(s) name(s) and name of person to whom student is to be released to Attendance Clerk in Student and Staff Accounting.
  • Do not release any student unless card has been signed by Principal or Counselor.
  • Confirm that student recognizes the individual claiming him/her.  Establish a valid relationship.
  • Ensure records are kept on all students leaving campus.
  • Keep the EOC informed of students who are released.


Equipment / Supplies:


  • Necessary bookkeeping materials
  • Alphabetical student list


  • Bullhorn
  • Site plan and map


  • Walkie- talkie
  • 3 x 5 cards *


3 x 5 card should show: 


Name of  student:



Name  (print) of person picking up:






Student has been accounted for:




Signature of  Administrator /Designee







            Primary – Black top area between MMS and MHS         

            Alternate 1-    Custodial Office

            Alternate 2:   MMS-MPR  


            Building Services Supervisor

           Custodial Staff           



  1. First priority is to shut off all utilities in the case of a disaster.
  2. Assist the Security Team in securing or opening gates.
  3. Maintain the assembly areas.
  4. Designate and maintain the latrine area(s)
  5. Assist with transportation to the morgue area

 Equipment / Supplies:


  • Site plan and maps
  • Walkie-talkies



  • Toilet paper


  • Shovels
    • Tarps


  • Picks
  • Water source


  • Trash bags
  • Flashlights



            Primary – Black top area between MMS and MHS         

            Alternate 1- MMS-MPR       




Staff member




  • Collect all communications for the EOC
  • Develop and maintain a Public Information Kit for Principal
  • Sign in media representative(s)
  • Under direction of EOC prepare materials for dissemination.


Equipment / Supplies: 


  • Camera / video equipment
  • Log / journal


  • Pens / pencils
  • Batteries


  • Cassette recorder and tapes
  • Site plan and maps


  • Walkie-talkie
  • Record keeping materials


  • Sign-in forms for media





            Primary – Black top area between MHS and MMS         

            Alternate 1-  MMS-MPR      

            Alternate 2-  Police Liasion Office  




  • School Resource Officer
  • Staff



  1.  Assist in providing access for staff and students to holding areas.
  2. Coordinate interaction with MLPD, fire and other emergency services
  3. Provide access for emergency vehicles and parents on Meridian.
  4. Assist with the evacuation of students and staff.  Communicate location of fires, obstructions and other obstacles to EOC.
  5. Report to EOC for possible assignment to:
  • search teams
  • group coverage
  • traffic direction
  • morgue watch
  • damage control



Equipment / Supplies:



  • Walkie- talkie
  • Bullhorn


  • Keys (as needed)
  • Site plan and map


  • Flashlights



Counseling Response Team 


             Primary: Blacktop area between MHS and MMS and nearest the high school(nearest to the    


             Alternate 1: MMS-MPR

             Alternate 2: Main Office



  • School Counselors ( C. Petersen & Kelley Jayne)
  • Counseling Response Team counselors from agencies available: (could include: MCOE, MC Mental Health, MC Ministerial Association, Mammoth Hospital)



  • Once facts about the crisis/emergency are verified by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the Counseling Response Team will determine what counseling crisis response services are needed including the need for Crisis Centers, and teacher or counselor-facilitated discussions with students.
    • Modify counseling response services as necessary as additional information is provided.
  • The school counselor will mobilize Counseling Response Team counselors from the above agencies.
  • Set up Crisis/Counseling Centers in suitable locations, and assign Crisis Team counselors and chaplains to Crisis Centers for individual and group counseling as needed.  Provide forms for all students to sign-in and out of the Crisis Centers.
  • If applicable, assign counselors and chaplains to specific teachers/classrooms to facilitate, or co-facilitate, classroom discussions and debriefings with students.
  • If possible, provide teachers and counselors with handouts-including suggestions and guidelines, information on grief and loss specific to the crisis and the developmental needs of the students.
  • Facilitate debriefing of Emergency Response Team members individually or in groups as their schedules dictate.  Document issues and concerns, and identify staff and students who are most deeply impacted and possibly “at risk”.
  • Co-facilitate de-briefings for staff with Counseling Response Team members and principal and/or superintendent. Provide additional information and handouts if necessary. Allow staff to express their own emotions in an open, safe environment for a long as is required of “at risk” students.
  • Maintain a log of students, staff, and others who receive counseling, and follow up services recommended.
  • Maintain communication with EOC, Security team, First Aid Team, Search and Rescue Team, Parent Communication Team and Student/Staff Accounting Team.
  • At the conclusion of the crisis the principal, EOC, and School Counselor will craft a letter to parents that includes the following information: general facts about the crisis, a description of the school-wide emergency crisis response that took place at school, and numbers to contact for further information and support services for students.


Evacuation Routes

Mammoth High School


Destination: black top area between MHS and MMS


Exit exterior door: Turn right to end of building. Then south along path to black top area

Main office

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 11

Room 12

Room 13







Exit exterior door: Turn left to end of building. Then south along path to black top area

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7

Room 16

Room 17

Room 18









Exit left from exterior door. Take path between annex and shops to black top area.

Trailer K

Trailer L












Exit exterior door. Proceed east to path leading to black top area.

Room 8B

Room 9

Room 10

Room 14 - Music




Exit left. Proceed east to black top area.

Annex B

Annex C

Annex D

Annex E




Exit room and cross hall. Exit double doors. Turn right and proceed to black top area.

Room 15



*Note to Parents regarding an Emergency event at their students school*

When an emergency situation has occurred at your child’s school, it is important that parents remember that your child’s safety and well-being are our number one priority.  Of course, if something were to happen at one of the school sites, i.e., fire/earthquake/explosion/lockdown, we understand that your first response is to insure that your child is safe.  Here is a checklist of items to think about before rushing to your child’s school-


  • Tune to an Emergency Broadcast System station (KOLO-TV8-Reno;

Channel 33-Mammoth Lakes; KBIS [email protected], KSRW [email protected], KMMT [email protected]),

  • Also, the district site phone tree will be activated if phone capabilities are not disabled.
  • If the school building is evacuated, there are established locations at each site where students and staff have moved.  Generally, it is the asphalt playground area at the rear of the building.  When you arrive at the school site, there will be someone to direct you to where you child’s class is waiting. 
  • The staff at each site has a checkout procedure for releasing a child to the parent/guardian, we understand you may be anxious to retrieve your child but please be patient with the staff, the checkout system is in place to protect your child and ensure that no one is unaccounted for.


*To be sent home at the beginning of the school year with the normal parent packet of information. (And also possibly mentioned at Back-to-School Night)